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Whaddaya MEAN you've never heard of me?!?

Now please shut up, I'm trying to write!!!

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Wednesday Lee Friday
24 November 1970
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Greetings! and Wuzzon? You have reached the blog of Wednes. Good for you! You are probably here because we've talked about horror, witchy things, paganism, fiction writing, zombies, or how the Sunday Night FOX is still awesome even if the rest of FOX is batshit.
I aspire to be multi faceted, so am relentlessly opinionated on a wide variety of topics. If you hang out here long enough I will almost certainly say something that will piss you off.
That's cool. Don't be afraid to tell me about it; just try not to be an ass when you do.

My novels: A Stabbing for Sadie, The Cat's Apprentice, and Kiss Me Like You Love Me are best purchased on Amazon.com or from the good people at Barnes & Noble. Coming soon, zombie madness in: The Finster Effect.

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My favorite wedding picture
Photo by Dustin Francis.
My favorite wedding picture

Anyway, welcome to my nightmare and all that there...

All posts are copyright: Wednesday Lee Friday (so don't be liftin')
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